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Cap de Formentor

Cap de Formentor, Spain

Cap de Formentor, on the far north of the Island, forms a peninsula which measures 12 kilometres long by 3 kilometres wide. It is an unspoilt mixture of mountains and sea and is one of the Balearic archipelago’s most iconic locations.

The area, covered in leafy woodland consisting of pine trees and holm oaks, which even grow on the white sandy seashore lapped by crystal clear waters, rises out of the sea just a few metres from the Islet El Colomer, forming what is considered to be one of the most wonderful, representative panoramic views within the whole of Mallorca.

The 16th century Talaia d’Albercuix is an old tower which was built as a defence against determined attacks by buccaneers and, being located at a height of 380 metres, offers the best viewpoint for overlooking the Cap de Formentor and nearby Bay of Pollença (Badia de Pollença).

Situated at one end of the peninsula and attaining an altitude of almost 200 metres above sea level is the Cap de Formentor lighthouse, the highest lighthouse on Mallorca. The tower stands 22 metres high and for 150 years has witnessed some of the Mediterranean’s most beautiful and spectacular sunsets.