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Cala Sant Vicenç

With a population of less than 500 Cala Sant Vicenç, on the north coast, is one of the smallest resorts in Mallorca.

Situated in the mountainous region of Serra de Tramuntana, 8km north-west of Pollença, with its rugged and dramatic scenery and its village feel, Cala Sant Vicenç attracts many visitors who return year after year.

It is essentially a fishing village and its restaurants and eateries feature freshly-caught fish, much of it cooked on barbecues. The village has a small selection of hotels, plus private houses and villas to rent.

Cala Sant Vicenç has four beaches and visitors will often share them with local fishermen mending their nets. Cala Barques is the largest and prettiest of the beaches; Cala Clara, which is less than a 100m walk away, can get quite busy; while Cala Molins is most popular with bathers with its fine sands. The fourth cove, Cala Carbo, is the smallest and least visited.

The sea around Cala Sant Vicenç is beautifully clear and the resort boasts spectacular views towards the cliffs of Cap de Formentor.

There is barely a 20-minute walk between the four beaches and you may even see locals enjoying their thrilling summer pursuit of cliff jumping; leaping anything from 3m to 12m from the rocks into the crystal clear sea below!

On a more sedate note, the beautiful Cala Sant Vicenç church in Calle Joachim Sorolla is just a few minutes walk from Cala Molins.

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