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Ca'n Picafort

Ca’n Picafort is the last busy tourist town on the bay of Alcudia as you head into the wild and open countryside towards Cap Pinar.

Originally a small fishing port, Ca’n Picafort began to develop as a tourist destination around 100 years ago as inhabitants from nearby Santa Margalida began to build weekend and summer houses to come to enjoy the beautiful long sandy beaches. The unusual name comes from Ca’n, Mallorcan for house of, and Picafort, meaning strong bite or sting, Picafort being the nickname of Jeroni Fuster who was the owner of one of the first summer houses there. One can only guess at his character!

While first impressions of Ca’n Picafort are of a bustling town typical of many tourist centres around the island, it hides a rich cultural history as well as being the gateway to one of the most beautiful wild and untouched natural areas of Mallorca. You can visit the archeological site of the Phoenician graveyard at the finca Son Real and the 2500 hectare Albufuera Bird and Nature Reserve, a wetland and breeding area to 1000’s of migrating birds.

Ca’n Picafort is one of three towns which make up the municipality of Santa Margalida, the other two being Muro and Santa Margalida itself. The latter two are well worth a visit, perhaps on market days, to catch a glimpse of the authentic Mallorcan style and pace of life away from tourism. Lots of mediaeval churches and Muslim architecture bear witness to the many rulers and invaders from past eras, all of which contributed to the rich tapestry of cultures and cuisines that make up Mallorca of today.

When staying in Ca’n Picafort there is a large selection of accommodation ranging from hostels, hotels such as the Grupo chain and also some smaller boutique hotels should you want a bit of peace. There area is a lively resort with many activities as well as its beaches.

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