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Deia, perched on high in the mountains of the Serra de Tramuntana in the north-west of Mallorca, offers breathtakingly spectacular views and is so atmospheric, it has been a muse for poets and artists for more than 100 years. Artists, writers, modern day celebrities and pop stars are drawn here.

The village has gold-coloured homes with terracotta roofs climbing up a cone-like hill and is flanked by steep hillside vegetable gardens and orchards of citrus fruit, almonds and olives. At day’s end you can witness wonderful sunsets over the Mediterranean.

Poet and novelist Robert Graves spent most of his life here and is buried in the village’s cemetery. Virgin tycoon Sir Richard Branson once owned the five-star La Residencia Hotel and pop icons like Mick Jagger have been known to stage an impromptu jam session at the local bar, Sa Fonta.

Visit Deia and you may see a celebrity – but you will definitely discover why it is the epitome of the ‘other’ Mallorca; the Island much sought after by the discerning traveller.

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