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Eating out in the Alcúdia region

Within the last decade few places in the Mediterranean have undergone such an image overhaul as Mallorca which has become one of the world’s most appetising destinations. It is not just the Island’s stunning scenery and amazing local culture which has encouraged this change, but also increasingly its excellent cuisine.

Until recently Mallorca was a no-go zone for modern cuisine where diners had a choice between grilled meats and fish and the dubious delights of international cuisine in the hotel. The improvement, both in terms of variety and quality has been amazing. The Island cuisine reflects the re-invention of Spanish food based upon both its culture and produce. Mallorcan chefs now proudly showcase locally-sourced ingredients including shellfish, lamb, pork, fruit and vegetables, nuts, oils and excellent locally produced wines such as Mortitx and Ca’n Vidalet.

The Alcúdia region is a great example of the wide variety of good food on offer. There are quaint narrow cobbled streets in Alcúdia old town with a wide selection of restaurants, many of them serving Mallorcan tapas. An excellent example is the Can Polit Restaurant in the small square next to the town hall. This area, is in itself a very relaxing place to dine, especially during the day in the sunshine. The Can Polit is popular with both tourists and locals. Also in the old town is the Sa Placa which serves Mallorcan and Mediterranean cuisine and has a childrens menu.


One of the most popular restaurants at the moment is Osteria El Patio an Italian restaurant serving pasta which is superb and you can dine in a lovely quiet back garden and underpriced given the quality of food and service.

El Jardin, Alcudia

Mallorca currently benefits from having seven Michelin starred restaurants and Port d’Alcudia is the home to one of these with Maca de Castro, a very special restaurant indeed, located on Carrer Tritones. Set in a beautiful garden, the ground floor of the building houses a highly recommended Bistro with the Michelin Restaurant located on the first floor within a calming, minimalistic dining area of white walls and large abstract paintings. The chef and owner, Macarena de Castro bases her menu on the vision that diners are able to immerse themselves in the flavours of the sea, mountains and forests of Mallorca. Maca de Castro is also well known for having excellent wines and a good choice of beers.

Danny's Bistro, Alcudia

At the front of the building is the highly recommended Danny’s Gastro Bar which is only open in the evenings. The food is moderately priced but is excellent value.

Within Port d’Alcúdia, on the waterfront, there is a wide variety of restaurants including Restaurante Aqua, serving international cuisine and the catch of the day, the Bistro Mar with exquisite rice dishes and fresh sea food and the Restaurante Varadero, a Mediterranean kitchen with 10 years of experience which serves excellent paella.

New Cacao, Alcudia

There are many steakhouses and sea food restaurants, so plenty of choice for the family. In the port itself there is the New Cacao a tapas bar favoured by the locals. The food is excellent and the bar is set in a great central location.

Restaurant Can Costa, Alcudia

A restaurant which a lot of people claim is the best in Alcudia is the Can Costa which serves traditional Mallorcan food in excellent surroundings. It has a conservatory and small garden and is child friendly.

Ponderosa Beach Bar, Alcudia

At the southern end of the resort set on the beach is the Ponderosa Beach Club Bar. The food is good, the service exceptional and on a Friday evening this has to be one of the most chilling places to eat. The food is not cheap, excellent staff, amazing atmosphere and just a great place to go.

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