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Ca’s Patro March

Seafood restaurant in Deia

Ca's Patró March, Spain

Ca's Patró March is arguably one of the most picturesque locations for a spot of lunch or dinner in Mallorca. Chances are, you've probably scrolled through many pictures on of this iconic spot on Instagram and Facebook.

It's set in a beautiful location perched above the blue waters and massive rocks of Cala Deia. There is a little walk involved to get this place, but we can assure you it's completely worth it. The restaurant itself is quite small, so during high season, you can expect to wait some time for a table.

The restaurant was featured on a scene from The Night Manager, which has made this well-kept secret into a must-visit for many when planning a trip.

This menu is reasonably priced and you can expect a selection of fresh fish, caught by local fishermen - usually, that morning. Be sure to try the grilled seafood platters, which are a speciality here.

Booking in advance is essential to avoid disappointment, so we'd recommend calling ahead to reserve a table - call Ca's Patro March on +34 971639137.