Coronavirus Mallorca - Travel questions answered

Posted on: 6 October 2020

Coronavirus mallorca

Looking for the latest news about the Coronavirus Mallorca? What's the situation here? What's it like in Mallorca right now?

What's open in Mallorca as of October 2020?

  • Hotels
  • Bars, restaurants and cafes
  • Shops and shopping centres
  • Swimming pools and gyms are open
  • Beaches are open
  • Schools for children of all ages are now open

Current restrictions in Mallorca

  • Maintain social distancing of 2 metres
  • Masks must be worn in all public places (for a comprehensive list, see further below)
  • No large groups or gatherings
  • For businesses that are open, there are strict protocols to help contain and control the spread of COVID-19. These include hand sanitisation, mask-wearing and maintaining social distancing.
  • Fines will be given out to people not adhering to the current restrictions.

Can I travel to Mallorca?

From Sunday, 21st June 2020, Mallorca re-opened in line with the rest of Spain by lifting the state of emergency to allow travel from EU countries and countries in the Schengen-zone.

Palma airport is back to running the normal flight programme and the port has also resumed.

You can expect to have your temperature taken at Palma airport and to fill out a self-declaration form to our state your contact with the virus.

You will need to fill out the Spanish Ministry of Health with information on your history of exposure to COVID-19 and you can do this here.

Do I have to quarantine when arriving in Mallorca?

There is currently no self-quarantine restrictions for those travelling to the Balaeric Islands. This means you won't need to self isolate for 14 days when entering Mallorca.

However, if you're travelling from the UK, you'll need to self isolate for 14 days when arriving back to the UK.

Are Hotels and Restaurants in Mallorca open?

The simple answer is yes. Hotels, bars, restaurants and nightlife venues have all been open since the lifting of the state of emergency on the 21st June 2020.

The above places are running at approximately 50% capacity to keep in line with social distancing rules.

To avoid disappointment, we advise you to book tables at restaurants you plan to visit as the reduced capacity means fewer tables.

Do I have to wear a mask in Mallorca?

As of September, it is now mandatory to wear a mask at all times when in public spaces in Mallorca. (even when on the street). This is to control and contain the spread of Coronavirus as cases rise in Mallorca.

When do I need to wear a mask:

  • In bars and restaurants (unless eating or drinking)
  • When using public transport

There are a few exceptions as to when you don't need to wear a mask:

  • When eating or drinking in bars and restaurants
  • On a beach
  • At a swimming pool
  • When participating in outdoor sports

Is it a good time to visit Mallorca?

Although the above has put many off, we still think it's a great time to visit Mallorca - this is because the island can be enjoyed without the usual crowds.

Tourism has been slowly increasing again over the summer with predominately English and German tourists until Mallorca was flagged as a high-risk area by both countries.

Is it safe to be in Mallorca right now?

The island currently feels very safe, and as long as you adhere to the social distancing of 2m from other people, regular washing of hands and wearing masks, you'll still have a great time whilst keeping safe.

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